One New Change

One New Change

One New Change is located in Central London and offers a mixed occupancy of offices space, shops, cafes and restaurants. The building itself covers eight floors with retail units on the lower three and offices occupying the top four floors. The centre of the building boasts a panoramic lift which gives customers a chance to admire the views over St Paul’s Dome.

The building is unique because, although it is a large structure, it is unobtrusive in the large arena of London City. The architect Jean Nouvel designed the building orientated around St Paul’s Cathedral so not to distract from the ancient architecture of the City. This was achieved with a unique glazing envelope which allows natural reflection of the surrounding granite and stone surfaces. It is a wonderful example of using the City centre space to benefit all and showcase the London spectacles.

Clear Line was involved in building this impressive structure as the appointed facade installers. The facade is split into three sections; the steel facade on the lower floors, vertical unitised aluminium claddingpanels from the second floor up and the glazed roof. Clear Line was appointed to install the low level steel structure as well as the vertical unitised cladding.

The installation process was lengthy and specialist materials were used and shipped on a just in time basis from Germany. The glass was coated in a solar control film which limits the heat gain and therefore significantly lowers the cooling costs in the warmer months, the bespoke design has allowed for maximum heat retention throughout the cooler months.

Clear Line are experienced facade installers and can also offer building envelope solutions.

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