Glazing Refurbishment

Glazing Refurbishment

Clear Line has worked with numerous glazing systems throughout our time in the industry. Systems are eventually subject to failure due to the weather or their age.

Clear Line offer a variety of refurbishment and maintenance services to ensure your systems remain in the best possible condition.

We can design, supply and install a new fa├žade or undertake restorative cleaning of glass, aluminium, precast and stone cladding.

Some of our refurbishment projects include the cleaning and replacement of all fixtures and fittings, such as pressure plates and gaskets, through to a full-scale glazing system replacement. This includes upgrading the whole glazing system to deliver the most efficient solution for your application, whether this is increasing the performance of the system or simply ensuring it is best suited for its current function.

We have expert collaborators that are on hand to give the best advice possible for the glazing system works to be completed. We work closely with designers and suppliers to offer bespoke glazing systems to suit any situation. Please take a look at our recent project at White City One to gain a better understanding of the type of works we undertake.