Fire & Smoke Facades

Fire & Smoke Façades

Clear Line is unique in the market place offering full bespoke solutions not only to the building envelope, but to its fire and smoke treatment – both externally and internally. A combination of fire resistant (FR) glazing systems, active barriers and smoke heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV) smoke control systems ensures a turnkey solution to these areas of design and installation.

Fire rating a façade or large glazed installation both internally or externally is something at which Clear Line excels. From inception through design and specification to a timely cost effective install, Clear Line can assist. These designs can incorporate a full fire rated façade system or can be achieved using active barriers adjacent to the curtain walling or unitised systems, demise line and protected means of escape capabilities. 

This is not only a cost effective solution but a flexible one. The skill is in providing the right equipment to match the requirements of the glazing system and the building while meeting the specification and regulations.

Smoke protecting an atrium is a complex requirement requiring the use of channeling and reservoir compartments along with inlet and extract to the roof or façade. Clear Line can offer assistance and installation with all these elements working with expert collaborators to provide a complete package. From the ventilators in a glazed facade, through the channels and compartments within and finally to the extract ventilators on the roof, Clear Line has package options available.