Window Repair

Window & Door Repair

In order to reduce the likelihood of reactive maintenance costs it is important to conduct regular checks on all window systems as part of your annual building maintenance plans and action immediately any window and door repairs.

Clear Line can do this for you. Checking the drainage systems of the window, ensuring the hinge alignment is correct and lubricating all hinges and handles for best results, is all part of the service offered. This type of maintenance, correctly done, extends the functional life of the parts.

Clear Line can help with the maintenance of all window vents but particularly with smoke vents. Correctly functioning smoke vents are potentially a life saver. Smoke vents work on an electronic system that links into the building fire alarm. When the fire alarm is activated the smoke vents automatically release and open. If this system was to become faulty it could compromise the health and safety of any tenants within the building.

We can help with the maintenance of any type of door. Revolving doors must be checked and serviced periodically to ensure their reliability. There are many elements of a door that can go wrong. Locking mechanisms, hinges and handles are all subject to failure without regular checks.